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Virginity Test

Virginity Test

Like a Bantaba, which is a center where villagers, mainly adult men gather to chat and discuss almost everything, the “Joint” is a place for a young group of youth including a few girls. They meet there, chat and talk about everything. Read more ›

Crying in the rain

Crying in the rain

Rice harvesting was at its peak, and all the women were busy trying to get their rice from the fields. I was already nine months old in my mother’s stomach. Then on one Thursday afternoon, just before sunset, as narrated by my grandmother, my mother gave birth to me. “I heard a groan under the baobab tree that stood at the foot of the rice fields. Read more ›

Western Domination, Imperialism and Exploitation

Miss Sylvia Pankhurst

In its 19 November 1951 edition, The Gambia Echo made a survey of Miss Sylvia Pankhurst’s book entitled A Forgotten Country where, making reference to her knowledge of the horn of Africa, she describes the behaviour of the Italian colons towards the people of Somaliland. Read more ›

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