The Association shall be a voluntary, non-profit-making, non-partisan, non-religious and non-segregationist organization. The registered office of the Association shall be situated in the Greater Banjul Area of The Gambia. The Association shall aim to serve the cause of the advancement of writers in The Gambia and to promote a progressive literary culture among Gambians, Africans and the rest of the world’s peoples. It shall promote, encourage and facilitate creative and other technical writing in The Gambia; promote links between Gambian writers to enhance their collective and individual literary capacities, productivity and interests, nationally and internationally; promote the writing of technical, research and school materials; co-ordinate the publication and dissemination of literary texts by Gambians; establish high standards in the writing, production and publication of texts from Gambian writers residing in The Gambia; foster and enhance the patriotic and constructive role of Gambian and other resident writers in national development; ensure the protection by law of the works and originality of Gambian writers, in particular, and of other writers in The Gambia, in general; monitor the stringent application of copyright safeguards; facilitate documentation and preservation of all published materials by Gambian writers and when possible archiving them; present the Lenrie Peters Memorial Award annually to a deserving author and other incentives to writers; do all things that helps to promote the aims and objectives of the association.

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