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The Graveyard Cannot Pray

One man’s battle to save his daughter from female circumcision This book is an autobiographical account of one man’s struggle to save his daughter from FGM; a struggle that defies a harmful traditional practice and defective constructions of normality. Title:

Innocent Questions: A collection of poems

A very personal anthology drawn from over two decades of musings, Innocent Questions explores a range of pertinent issues with a complex simplicity that is dramatic and mesmerising; from the dreams of an African school boy to the frustrations of

Virginity Test

Like a Bantaba, which is a center where villagers, mainly adult men gather to chat and discuss almost everything, the “Joint” is a place for a young group of youth including a few girls. They meet there, chat and talk

Crying in the rain

Rice harvesting was at its peak, and all the women were busy trying to get their rice from the fields. I was already nine months old in my mother’s stomach. Then on one Thursday afternoon, just before sunset, as narrated

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