The Graveyard Cannot Pray

One man’s battle to save his daughter from female circumcision

This book is an autobiographical account of one man’s struggle to save his daughter from FGM; a struggle that defies a harmful traditional practice and defective constructions of normality. Perhaps the first to articulate the battle against Female Genital Mutilation from an African male perspective, The Graveyard Cannot Pray throws into sharp relief four interconnected phenomena: the conflict between an older and younger generation of Africans; the communal nature of conflict and conflict resolution among the Futa Fulani; the Fulani notion of son-hood, and the potential complications that arise when the sanctity of tradition is stood in opposition to the sanctity of faith. How does a concerned young father protect his innocent little daughter from the most revered tradition of his people, and against the will of his own father? Here, a family conflict becomes the subject of a communal conflict resolution mechanism that reveals aspects of the mind of the Fulani elder and the workings of Fulani community values that only a native Fulani may discern. Ultimately, The Graveyard Cannot Pray heralds the victory of reason over the human proclivity for blind cultural mimesis.

The Graveyard Cannot Pray Book Cover The Graveyard Cannot Pray
Dr Baba Galleh Jallow
Leicester Global Hands Publishing, 2013.


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