Innocent Questions: A collection of poems

A very personal anthology drawn from over two decades of musings, Innocent Questions explores a range of pertinent issues with a complex simplicity that is dramatic and mesmerising; from the dreams of an African school boy to the frustrations of a consummate professional in Babylon.

Sallah speaks further afield and gives voice to a continent, the frustrations, the anger, the realities and the constant struggle for balancing hope.

Dr. Momodou Sallah was born in Gambia and has progressed from a red cross volunteer, youth leader and mentor to published academic and senior lecturer in Youth and Community Development at De Montfort University. He currently resides in Leicester, UK with his family.

Innocent Questions: A collection of poems Book Cover Innocent Questions: A collection of poems
Dr Momodou Sallah
Leicester Global Hands Publishing, 2012.


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